mia edenberg

Mia is born in November during a strange Fall of 1984, growing is life trying to create a future far from the damned figure of her birth year. Learning guitar, bass guitar and computers she fell in love with cinema (she studied at high school) and Pop music (she experimented on french stages).

DNA creator :

The quintessence of a sensibility which draw the outline of shade and light. Tied to the feelings’s complexity and to the never-ending range of sounds to be deployed in order to be translated, the french freed composer constantly looks for new means to surprise. Her work is like an infinite film which spread on the scores of her creations, full of audacity and discoveries.

The requirement of elegance as an oath. Biologic sound is running through her veins. This emotional creator makes no compromise on both form and content. She is the woman of textures, layers, and production tricks. A composer who’s committed to truth in purity of emotion to redraft. Definitely a gold miner, a dynamiter within the process. Always looking for boldness and new territories to be explored.
Mia is the blender within both talents of the couple are crushed, ground and pruned in order to deliver all its sap, all its expanse and essence.

benjamin shielden

Benjamin is born in January 1981, a strangely frosty day that already felt like science-fiction (at least that’s what his parents said). He grew up close to his loved ones, learning about the world day by day, considering what it could become or what those we can’t yet reach should be.

… and his music …

His whole creative process is built on learning: catching knowledge and energy from the great voices that have inspired him and transforming that with his own touch, then releasing a new creation back into the world. In a world of images, he sees sounds. He uses feeling and instinct to interpret noises,
and he sees each sound as if it were the expression of an instrument, recognizing the musical potential of every object around him.